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We have been installing diffusers in home theaters and on commercial projects as well. The diffusers can be mounted behind the fabric wrapped panels as well as to a wall, leaving them exposed. The diffusers can have many different finishes (painted, stained, plaster and more).

shape Panels

We are installers of the Fabricmate and AccuTrack plastic track systems, for more information on these systems please go to Fabricmate or AccuTrack.


We install Acoustical Wood Panels and Planks manufactured here in the USA and Europe. These can be very long lead items depending on the quantity and the companies backlog, for more information on the system please go to Topakustik.

We are now installing other manufacturers pre-manufactured fabric panels. These panels are offered to the client who is on a tight budget and can wait for a lengthy lead time. These panels can not be scribed, most of them need a reveal at the ceiling, and do not fit like our custom site built panels.

We have REadded these panels to the types of panels we provide. Our Shaped Panels can be manufactured in many different custom sizes and shapes. They can be installed by our own installers, or can be shipped to even homeowners with easy to follow installation instructions.



We have also been providing monolithic walls since 1988. The wood framing is installed around the perimeter of the wall (scribed if needed) and the infill of your choice is installed (multiple infills can be used).  The fabric is sewn into equal widths and stretched over the wood frames. The Monolithic wall thickness is available starting at 3/4″ (7/8″ overall, including fabric) increasing in 1/4″ increments to any thickness required. This system is available with squared, radius, or beveled  edges.


We have provided site-built, fabric-wrapped panels and upholstered walls and ceilings since 1988.
Please see below for all the products we manufacture and/or install. We also offer DIY products.

We install black faced insulation behind monitors, in theaters or wherever else it is required. This insulation is attached to the wall using stick pins and can have a black plastic cap attached to the stick pin for safety.

These are our most exciting panels that we have added to our products. These panels are made to almost any custom size and will have your logo put on the felt used for these panels. Behind the felt is perforated material with fiberglass behind that. This makes for a great piece of art with your logo in the middle of the panel that can be used as an acoustical panel in an elevator lobby or a reception area. The felt comes in many different colors and the panel can have various color selections.

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We install our own manufactured Ceiling Clouds and Baffles, and also Ceiling Clouds and Baffles manufactured by other companies, for more information on the system please go to Fabricmate.

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Until now, our custom site-built, fabric panels have been the only type of panel we have provided since 1988. These panels have a wood frame (using a no urea-formaldehyde material that is 92% recycled/recovered) that can be scribed to any irregularities in the walls, around millwork and other items on the wall.  Our fabric panels have a class “A” flame rating. There are different panel edges available (square, radius and bevel):  Radius starts at 1/8″ all the way to 1″.  The bevel starts at 1/16″ all the way to 1″ (or more if required).  Panel thickness is available starting at 1/2″ (5/8″ overall, including fabric) and increasing in 1/4″ increments to any thickness required. These site-built panels can have any infill that we provide (fiberglass, high density fiberglass, Micore and plywood etc…).  We can also provide a strip of plywood to be used for art blocking.  Please check the LEED information on these panels.

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